Use these settings for your receiver:

Intelsat (IS) - 20 Satellite on the Ku-band
Frequency: 12.574 Ghz 
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol rate: 09700
FEC: ½

When you search this frequency, you should find the following:

TV Channels:
HC International
HC Novo Tempo [Portuguese]
HC Africa

Radio Channels
HC Morningstar (Kiswahili)
HC  Voice of  Hope (Amharic)


If you need dish angles for setting your satellite dish, please email us, giving the name of your country and city.


Settings for various Free-to-Air decoders



If you have no equipment other than a TV,
you will need:

A Satellite dish

·         Size:  65cm
However be sure to use a 90cm dish in coastal areas, where the signal is weaker.  [Indian Ocean Islands will need larger dishes]

 ·         Fitted with: a Ku-band LNB

A Free-to-Air (FTA) receiver
We recommend such receivers for the best reception.

Q:  What is a FTA receiver?

It is a type of receiver (not a brand), which can receive all the free channels.  It does not usually have a smart card.  There are many good brands

Q:  What specifications should it comply with?

It should be compliant with DVB - Mpeg2 or 4 standards.  We recommend that you  purchase MPeg 4 if possible, as it will be useful for longer and is backwards compatible with Mpeg 2.

 Virtually ALL receivers can be used, except those used by Pay-TV,
such as DSTV or Top TV.

Q:  What are the advantages of FTA receivers?

1   NO MONTHLY CHARGES for FTA receivers!
2  Delete any channels you don’t want your family to watch
3  Re-arrange the channels in the order you want them


Further questions:

Q:  Do I need to install a new dish?

If you have no dish, Yes.
If you have a dish it can usually be used [if correct size].  
It can be shared with another decoder,
by making minor modifications. 
[See our D-I-Y Guide for this, at the end of this page].

Q: Could I install a FTA receiver in another room?

Yes, if you have a second TV, you could add a new port to your LNB on the dish
and bring down a new cable to the FTA receiver
You can then view programs from the FTA receiver, quite independently of the DSTV receiver

Q: Where may I obtain this equipment?

 1  Ask your installer to quote you for installing a dish and receiver. This is the best option, so that you can receive warranty service from him for up to 12 months.

We can advise you where to get these.  Send us an
email giving details of the equipment you have and city & country you live in.  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Order a FTA receiver by mail.  Place your order on the website below.  Supplier located in South Africa, but can export to other African countries too.

Click here >>
If unable to access this website, phone 082 377 9246

You may need to have a local installer do the installation

List of certified installers

See also:

Guide to changing parameters on FTA receivers

 Do-it-yourself guide for connecting 2 receivers to 1 cable

Hope Channel Service to Africa

As of June 9, 2013, Hope Channel service to Africa is available and configured in the following way:

Reception Parameter information







Symbol Rate




Auto or ½


Video and Audio configuration:

Channel Names

  1. 1.HC International
  2. 2.HC Novo Tempo
  3. 3.HC Africa [Starting 1 Apr 2014]
    Currently carrying Hope India
  4. 4.HC Morning Star Radio (Audio Radio network feed)
  5. 5.HC Voice of Hope

(Audio Radio network feed when needed)

All service is currently based on MPEG 2.

Please see note below[i]

NET event audio channel information – see note below [ii]


Ch 4

Event translation “x”


Ch 5

Event translation “y”


[i] MPEG 2 to MPEG 4 transition: It is anticipated the broadcast standard MPEG 4 will increasingly be used in general satellite television service to Africa in the near future.   This follow the global trend for the general adoption of MPEG 4.   It is anticipated MPEG 4 receivers/decoders will become easily available across Africa.

Hope Channel anticipates within the next several years it will transition some or all of its African TV Channel service from MPEG 2 to MPEG 4.   MPEG 4 has the advantage of potentially better picture quality and being more economical, allowing Hope Channel to enhance service.   As of June 2, 2013 the date for this transition by Hope Channel has not been determined.

Often viewer receivers need to be updated or replaced with new receivers. New viewers may wish to purchase receivers.   Since most MPEG 4 receivers are backward compatible, meaning they will also decode MPEG 2, Hope Channel encourages all current viewers and new viewers to purchase MPEG 4 receivers in anticipation of being fully prepared for the possible Hope Channel transition to MPEG 4.   This will assist viewers to be current with developing technological trends

When the transition date is determined, viewers will be given full information well in advance through the Hope Channel web sites and on-air announcements.

[ii] NET event audio channel configuration. “NET” events are sponsored occasionally by Hope Channel. The “NET” name refers to a network of satellite downlink locations, which can be comprised of churches, schools, homes or any partner organization sponsoring the event and working together to provide special public service programming often in a variety of languages.

In advance of each of these events, Hope Channel will announce the unique audio channel configuration to support the translation languages for the particular event.   Please consult the web site: for the audio channel configuration for each of these events.



Instructions for RADIX DT-100 RECEIVERS

1  To set up new transponder
MENU > CHANNEL MANAGER >TRANSPONDER EDITOR > [Up Arrow] – Blank should appear for new transponder
Enter a new name e.g.:  HOPE, press OK.   Panel appears on RH side.
Enter:  Frequency: 12574,  Pol = V,  Symbol Rate = 9700
EXIT – to save details.

2  To scan for new parameters
Satellite – Use left arrow to display HOPE
LNB Local Freq – Universal 2
DisecQ = A
22kHz = AUTO or ON
LNB Polarity = V
NEXT to go to next screen

Down Frequency:12574
Symbol rate: 9.700
Netw search = Off

Wait for RED BAR to display at bottom (SNR).  This shows the presence of a signal.  Without it a scan is useless.  It may take some time (1 min)

When signal shows, START SEARCH

Watch for a list of TV channels to show on left side of panel  - e.g. Hope Channel Int,  or USER PROG - You can rename it later.

Exit to save

Go back to normal TV viewing.  Press OK to display a list of channels, use Left/Right key to move up or down the list – check for the presence of Hope Channel In – usually at the end of the list.
Use Channel Manager to move the new channel to required position



URGENTE: Devido a circunstâncias além do nosso controle, a começar da próxima terça feira dia 21 de Maio pedimos a todos que assistem o programa Angola Esperança que sintonizem vossos televisores no canal Hope Internacional. A programação normal em inglês no canal Hope internacional será antecipada e as transmissões do programa Angola Esperança

 não serão interrompidas


Começando agora no dia 21 de Maio, todos os que sintonizam na Novo Tempo devem mudar vosso descodificador/receptor para:

Após 08 de junho, utilize as configurações mostradas na [ ]


Frequência         12573 Mhz [12574]

Polaridade          Vertical

Símbolo rate       4444 Msps [09700]

FEC                    Auto ou 1/2



O programa Angola Esperança será transmitido no horário normal em Luanda como segue


Sexta Feira       7:30 da tarde ou 19:30

Domingos         1:30 da tarde ou 13:30

Terça feira        00:30 da madrugada ou manhã

Quarta feira      9:00 da manhã


Para mais informações ascese:





URGENT:  Due to circumstances beyond our control, starting Tuesday May 21 we ask all Angola Esperanca locations to tune to Hope Channel International.  
For Angola Esperanca, the normal English programming on Hope Channel International will be pre-empted and Angola Esperanca in Portuguese will play.   The Angola Esperanca program will come with no interruption.


Starting May 21, for all Novo Tempo locations tune your receiver to:

After Jun 8, please use the settings shown in [  ]



Frequency 12573 Mhz [12574]


Polarity Vertical


Symbol Rate 4444 Msps  [09700]


FEC Auto or 1/2


Angola Esperanca will be broadcast Angola time:
Friday  7:30pm or 19:30


Sunday 1:30 pm or 13:30


Monday  0:30 am - in the early morning


Wednesday 9:00 a.m.


For more information go to: